How to Choose a Wedding DJ

How to Choose a Wedding DJ

Choosing a Wedding DJ

As a wedding DJ myself, I’ve followed this industry for the last ten years and have met many other DJs along the way.  With so many other to-dos when you’re planning a wedding, hiring a DJ can sometimes get pushed to the bottom of the list.  If you are struggling with how to make such a large decision, I’ve put together a quick guide to helping you pick the right wedding DJ.  I’ll refrain from talking about my company in this blog post, but if you have questions about Bow Ty Audio, feel free to shoot me a line!

If you’re interested in a magical wedding (and who isn’t?!) you’ll need to find the right company to handle your music.  A DJ is one of the pieces of a wedding that can have a very large impact on the “success” of the night.  Audio companies & DJ’s can vary in quality & expertise so you’ll need to do a little homework to find the best fit.  There are three main things you should consider when working to hire a wedding DJ: Price, Experience & Style.


How much it costs to book a DJ usually indicates quality.  If quality is a concern of yours, you should expect to pay more than $1,000.  The best wedding DJs do this as their full-time gig and the professional ones truly care about their clientele and production quality.  These DJ’s want to give their clients the best experience possible – not only because they care but because if they don’t they will be out of business! 

An expensive DJ also means they are in demand.  They can charge a little more since they don’t have trouble booking events.  You might pay a little more to ensure you get the best wedding DJ; however, if money is a limiting factor for you, you can consider asking if they are flexible on their rate.  The best DJs care about the couples they serve.  If you and that DJ make a great match, they may work with you on price.  

The other thing to note about price is that the number advertised may not be the final total.  Keep in mind potential add-ons that will increase your overall amount.  Do you want ceremony audio, special lights or unique rentals?  All of those things could add to your final invoice.  The right DJ will take the time to work with you to figure out the best package for you and your event.


Experience is the most important aspect when choosing a wedding DJ.  If you think back, I imagine you can remember a wedding you attended where the DJ made or broke the evening…  With that being said, you can’t go wrong with an experienced wedding DJ with the right equipment.  As we discussed before, price is a good indicator of quality but you may have to look deeper to prove it. 

Before reaching out to any DJ make sure to read the reviews on the ones you are considering.  Reviews from The Knot, Wedding Wire or Google can be very helpful.  You can gain a lot of information about the type of work the DJ does, how he or she interacts with clients, and the type of experience he offers through previous client’s feedback.  Once you’ve narrowed down your list, make sure to ask your DJ how long they’ve been DJing or how many weddings they’ve done.  They have to be doing something right if they’re still going after many years!

An experienced DJ will have the right gear but it doesn’t hurt to ask.  You want your DJ to have the best lighting & audio for your special day.  A professional light set up should be a mix of DMX controlled wash lights & party lights. A quality sound system should include:

  • A powered or passive PA system with subwoofers
  • High-quality wireless microphones
  • Quality cables with extras just in case
  • Backup computer or media player

An experienced DJ will know how to get people dancing and how to produce a seamless & fun night for you and your guests.


My last point is on the DJ’s style.  You want to find a DJ that is professional & resonates with your tastes.  Let your DJ know what genres or songs you’d like played and what type of music they should skip.  You should definitely ask if they’ve DJed weddings in the past that align with your preferences.  Some DJs are skilled at mixing music, some know all the best two-step songs, etc.

My biggest advice to you is to meet your wedding DJ before your big day.  You’ll know if they are a right fit by meeting in person.  If you find a DJ in your price range with experience and good vibes then you’re bound to have a magical wedding.

Happy DJ hunting!


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