Does a DJ Get Nervous Before an Event?

Does a DJ Get Nervous?

An Inside Look at a DJs Experience on Your Wedding Day

Performing on one of the most important days in my clients’ lives could potentially cause a few butterflies and a couple of shaky hands… So, the question becomes, does a DJ get nervous before your big day?…

Yes, of course!  My job involves talking in front of 100+ people every week – sometimes twice a week.  I’m expected to entertain the newlyweds and their guests while making sure each special moment smoothly transitions to the next.  To say the pressure is on is an understatement!

I got butterflies the first time I DJed a wedding and I will get them until my last.  However, there are a few things that don’t worry me anymore: technical difficulties and people not enjoying themselves.  Both are things I used to sweat over in my early days; however, because of the years of experience I have under my belt and my advanced planning and organization, I can rest easy the night before a wedding because I know I am prepared.

To take care of technical difficulties I plan redundancies into every aspect of my setup.  I have two of every cable, two microphones, and two sound systems.  If something were to fail I’m capable of fixing it without stopping the party.  There was a time when I didn’t have two of everything as it took time and money to collect my equipment but now that I have them I know I’m prepared for any type of technical malfunction.

One of my largest concerns used to be about “winning the crowd over”…  If you were to think I would wager you could think of a wedding you’ve attended where the DJ had a negative impact on the night.  That used to be one of my biggest fears.  However, I am proud to say I don’t worry about that as much.  After playing at so many weddings, I have a great understanding of the songs to play and the way to interact with the guests to make sure they are enjoying themselves.  However, with that being said, I am always honing my craft.  I love when previous couples leave me feedback after the wedding – it really helps learn what they loved and what I should change for the next wedding.

So, does a DJ get nervous?  Do I get nervous?… Yes, but I would say I get more excited than nervous.  I get excited to meet new people and to have a good time. I get excited to provide the best wedding audio possible. Whenever my next event approaches that excitement turns into butterflies – and I love them.  If I didn’t get butterflies before a show I would reconsider my profession!

Thanks as always for reading!

Ty Rempe

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