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About Bow Ty Audio

From weddings to corporate events, Bow Ty Audio, LLC, is your best choice for DJ, Emcee Services, Light Shows and more in the Omaha and Lincoln areas. Our team of talented DJ's uses the latest equipment to produce one-of-a-kind playlists and edited audio tracks. Our team is trustworthy, flexible and open to any and all requests our clients have. We understand that not every celebration is the same and believe you deserve an event tailored just for you!

Bow Ty Audio Playlists

Favorite Wedding Slow Songs

A Playlist by Bow Ty Audio Slow songs are often hard to think of but they hold such an important place during a wedding ceremony and reception.  The right song can set the mood and evoke strong feelings from everyone who is listening.  Below are a few of my favorite slow songs to play at […]

Mother Groom Dance Songs

A Playlist of Mother / Groom Dance Songs by Bow Ty Audio Unless you and your mom have a special song you always listen to together it may be hard to come up with the perfect song for your dance at the wedding… Don’t worry!  Bow Ty Audio has put together the most played Mother/Groom […]

Best Father Daughter Dance Songs

A Playlist of Father Daughter Dance Songs by Bow Ty Audio One of the most special moments of a wedding is when the father and the bride dance together.  Choosing a song for this special dance really speaks to the relationship between the father and the bride.  Thinking back to previous weddings, we have played […]

July 30, 2019

Does a DJ Get Nervous?

An Inside Look at a DJs Experience on Your Wedding Day Performing on one of the most important days in my clients’ lives could potentially cause a few butterflies and a couple of shaky hands… So, the question becomes, does a DJ get nervous before your big day?… Yes, of course!  My job involves talking […]

June 26, 2019

A Family Affair

Weddings are a family affair.  Family and friends, regardless of age, show up to celebrate a newly wedded couple through a colorful mixture of conversation, laughs, and dancing. The wedding DJ is the executant responsible for setting the tone of these interactions and providing purposeful sparks of energy to ensure everyone showers the bride and groom […]

April 1, 2019

Chantele & Anthony – Sunday Wedding

A Sunday Wedding I’ve DJed my fair share of Sunday weddings – popular to what you might believe, they are great!  There’s an easy going feeling to Sunday weddings.  Saturday will always remain the supreme party night, but there’s something magical in celebrating on a Sunday afternoon. Couples often have a better chance of securing […]