Wedding Band or DJ?

Wedding Band or DJ?

The great Wedding Band vs. DJ debate – who should you hire for your wedding?

Short answer:  If you book a reputable DJ or band, you’ll have fun either way!  Professional DJs & bands are in the business of entertainment, they’ll know how to provide you a good time.

Long answer: Bow Ty Audio recently added a band option to our list of services.  Therefore, I no longer have a bias toward wedding DJs!  However, by offering both, I have a better idea of the differences between a wedding band and a DJ and how they both can be a great option for your big day.  With that being said, I’ve put together a list of Pros and Cons for both in order to help make your decision a tad easier.

Hiring a Wedding DJ


  • Typically less expensive than a band
  • Can play ANY song in the known universe. Well, maybe not any song but you get the point.  A DJ can most likely play the right song at the right time. DJs are much more flexible when it comes to your musical preferences.
  • DJs take up less space & have a more versatile setup.
  • A good DJ can read a crowd and mix songs easier than a band can.
  • DJs can entertain for a longer period of time without the need for intermittent breaks.
  • I consider a DJ a performer; however, there just isn’t the same type of performer connection between the crowd and a DJ as there is with a band
  • In my opinion, live music sounds better 🙂

Hiring a Wedding Band


  • Wedding bands offer the best sound possible. You just can’t beat the sound quality of live music.  A perfectly mixed band will sound more natural and clear that recorded music.
  • Bands also bring a comforting human element. Musicians (people) create the music that entertains your guests – that’s pretty cool!  These performers are interacting with the crowd to make sure everyone is having a great time. A happy crowd makes a happy band; this is a powerful feedback loop.
  • Bands can alter the songs to help create perfect timing. If your first dances need to be shorted or extended, bands can do it seamlessly.
  • Wedding bands are typically more expensive.
  • Bands will have a smaller musical repertoire than a DJ.
  • The venue must have certain elements (a stage, for example) to accommodate a band.
  • A band will have 4-5 people (who should be fed) attending your wedding.
  • Unfortunately, bands can’t always play everything you want to hear. A DJ might be a better choice for genres like EDM or club music.

For most folks, the budget is the deciding factor in this debate.  In my opinion, hiring a band for your wedding is the premier choice, but I understand that this premier option comes at a higher price.  I truly hope this blog helps as you work through your decision as to which wedding entertainment option to go with.  I guarantee if you book experienced and professional entertainment, DJ or band, you will have an amazing wedding!

Thank you for reading!

Ty Rempe, Owner of Bow Ty Audio

* Cover photo by the talented Kassondra Photography

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  1. Hello there! I just love your post. This question also came up in my mind during my wedding preparation, “What should I choose between a wedding band and DJ”, and you helped me a lot. Thank you for sharing the pros and cons of both DJ and bands that will help me to make a better decision. Keep sharing!!


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