Mother Groom Dance Songs

A Playlist of Mother / Groom Dance Songs by Bow Ty Audio

Unless you and your mom have a special song you always listen to together it may be hard to come up with the perfect song for your dance at the wedding… Don’t worry!  Bow Ty Audio has put together the most played Mother/Groom dance songs and a few of our favorites.  Hopefully, you can gain some inspiration from these or even find your perfect song!

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Favorite Wedding Slow Songs

A Playlist by Bow Ty Audio

Slow songs are often hard to think of but they hold such an important place during a wedding ceremony and reception.  The right song can set the mood and evoke strong feelings from everyone who is listening.  Below are a few of my favorite slow songs to play at a wedding.  Whether they are for the bride and groom, the father/daughter dance or just a little something to get the lovers out on the dance floor, these songs are perfect for your big day.

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